Local Selling Tips

How can you get the most from selling your home? Here are some tips to improve the final outcome and make the process of selling go more smoothly.

Adding value to your home. . .

  • Clean, organize, and neutralize your space. This will make the home look bigger and cleaner, and will help visitors envision their belongings it.
  • Add insulation to save energy.
  • Make basic repairs and perform maintenance tasks.
  • Update kitchen appliances and bathroom fixtures.
  • Keep your lawn green, build fences, repair the gutter--remember, buyers will be making judgments before they set foot inside the home, so make the first impression a good impression!

Setting the price. . .

  • Talk to a real estate agent about the current market conditions. Is it a buyer's market? A seller's market? What's selling and why?
  • Consider your location. An ordinary house in a great location may sell for more than a great house in a poor location.
  • Be realistic when you set the price. Market conditions differ by location and time, so talk to a professional and get as much as the market will allow.

Showing your home. . .

  • Make sure the temperature and atmosphere in your home are comfortable. You want potential buyers to linger, so take advantage of hot or cold days and make visitors want to stay!
  • Turn on all lights and open window coverings. The added light will make the home look bigger, cleaner, and more inviting.
  • Consider baking cookies or using lightly scented aromatherapy to lighten the feel in your home. Also, you might want to play soft music in the background.
  • Take a day trip while your agent is showing the home. Potential buyers generally fell more comfortable when the current owners are not present.

Closing the deal and preparing for the move. . .

  • Start sorting through your possessions from the moment you put your home on the market. Get rid of anything you don't want or need, and make a list of things you need to buy.
  • Make sure you're on the same page with the buyer. Schedule a moving date well in advance.
  • Pay attention to the buyer's needs and be prepared to compromise a little. A "win-win" situation means that both the buyer and the seller give some and gain some.